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Suplex Pro Wrestling Training School was founded in 2017 by head trainer, James Mitchell aka Jackson Spade and is located in Shortland, Newcastle, New South Wales.

James has had over a decade of experience in pro wrestling having won titles throughout Australia and also having trained at The Fale Dojo as well as having had training experience with Kazuchika Okada, Bad Luck Fale, Chavo Guererro, Mohammad Ali Vaez, Damian Slater, Jonah Rock and The Giant Kyote, just to name a few.

Suplex Training School is ideal for, and can cater to, anyone of ANY size, shape, fitness level or gender wanting to get involved in pro wrestling as a wrestler, referee, valet, manager, ring announcer or just to keep fit and have fun doing it.

In addition to regular training sessions there are seminars conducted by other well respected and reknowned established stars from insterstate and overseas such as the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP, The Giant Kyote, JXT, Syd Parker, DCP and others.

Tarlee and The Giant Kyote have trained with us and our first graduate, Jayden Jacobs, along with current students like Logan Keane, The Sapa Inca, Magnificent Mat Gauge, Miles Malice, JB Hazard, Tyler Gunn, Mathias Clock, The Tradie, Muzzdog, Rochelle Rogue and Chris Stevens all of whom are already quickly rising stars in their own right.

If you would like to become part of the Suplex Pro Wrestling Training School simply go to our SUPLEX TRAINING Facebook page and leave a message.

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